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HIFF Saturday June 4th

June 4, 2016

All screenings are broken up into blocks. Each block contains a combination of Documentaries, Short Films, Feature Films or TV Pilots. By purchasing a ticket, you are entitled to view all the pieces in that time frame.

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Day 1 of Movies of the Hoboken International Film Festival

Saturday June 4, 2016 Hoboken International Film Festival

12:00 pm Paramount Theater A, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Tina Traster – New York

Loss, rescue, and vision drive ordinary people to do extraordinary things to save their architectural heritage. This is a story of a handful of historic houses in Rockland County, New York, but this is a universal story, since every community wrestles with threats to its architectural and cultural fabric. Historic buildings are part of our genetic landscape. While we cannot save every building, some are worth fighting for.


Directed by Sonia Suvagau – Canada

Connected: A Film About Autistic People takes the viewer on a journey into the heart of the autistic community. Countering mainstream media depictions of people on the autism spectrum, the viewer is presented with a firsthand experience of this newly emerging community with global implications. Offering fresh questions about the nature of human development; our understanding of intelligence; what it means to be “social”; and the implications of living in a conformist driven society.

CUBICLES - Documentary

Directed by Riz Nasim – New York

Cubicles depicts the issue of child labor escalating due to poverty, lack of education, unavailability of government support and so on.


12:00 pm Paramount Theater B, Middletown, NY – $11

FISTS OF LOVE – Feature Film

Directed by Daryl Denner – New York

Lina lives in the dangerous world of domestic abuse. After years of verbal and physical abuse from her husband Brad…Lina runs away and stays with her close friend Dawn. Dawn’s brother John, who lives with her, is a NYPD domestic violence officer who is burned out from his job and also is dealing with his own demons and is against Lina staying with them. What starts out as a dislike for one another …turns into a passionate affair between John and Lina. Meanwhile Brad finds out where Lina is staying and he’s ready to do anything to get her back no matter who stands in his way.


Directed by Michael Hadley – New Jersey

A comedic, behind-the-scenes look at the daily grind, humiliations and petty politics endured by a group Renaissance Faire actors pursuing their dream. Despite a series of increasingly painful humiliations and mishaps, these friends pursue a world of make believe where virtues like courage, honor and leadership are real.


2:00 pm Paramount Theater A, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Joshua Neuman – New York

A young man battling leukemia draws incredible strength from the rock n’ roll in his blood.

HARD TO BELIEVE - Documentary

Directed by Ken Stone – New York

Hard to Believe is a 56-minute documentary that examines the issue of forced live organ harvesting from Chinese political prisoners and the response – or lack of it – around the world. Like a murder mystery, the victims can only tell their stories through evidence gathered and analyzed by others.

FRONTMAN – Short Film

Directed by Matthew Gentile – Pennsylvania

McKaley Miller, Kristoffer Palaha, Robin Thomas

When an emotionally self-destructive rock star begins to lose his hearing, his personal and professional lives unravel.

BUCKEYE – Short Film

Directed by Cameron Fife – California

A crafty homeless man changes his life for the better when he decides he’s had enough of the harsh New York winter cold.

GLEICHGEWICHT (Balance) - Documentary

Directed by Bernhard Wenger – Austria

Denise, a 20-year-old girl, visits nearly every day the Viennese “Prater” amusement park to take some rides with the electronic “Tagada” carousel because it helps her to get over her difficult past.


2:00 pm Paramount Theater B, Middletown, NY – $11

SECOND CHANCE - Feature Film

Directed by Carlos Cardona – New York

After a home invasion goes terribly wrong, Oscar tries to help the girl whose life he helped to ruin.

ALLES WIRD GUT (Everything Will Be Okay) - Short Film

Directed by Patrick Vollrath – Austria & Germany

Oscar nominated in 2016 for Best Live Action Short

A divorced dad picks up his 8 year old daughter. It feels like every second weekend, but after a while Lea can’t help feeling that something isn’t right. So begins a fateful journey.


4:00 pm Paramount Theater A, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Alyssa Rallo Bennett – New York

Sean Young

The dark past of a family who owns a failing video store, becomes entangled in an unfathomable worldwide trade.

JACK & DIANE - Short Film

Directed by Jennifer Pepperman – New York

Terri Conn, Austin Peck

The one that got away….everyone has one. What if you met your “one” in a bar for a drink?  After 20 years, was he just a fantasy, or is he your destiny?

A REAL DATE - Short Film

Directed by Eric J. Carlson – NY

Elizabeth is a recent widow who is lost in her work, running a hospital. With no time to date yet tired of attending events alone, she decides to take steps to at least have a male companion for the evening.

THE CULPRIT – Short Film

Directed by Michael Rittmannsberger – Germany & Austria

A young man is accused of a crime. He confesses and doesn’t show a sign of regret. On the contrary – the young man seems to be proud and fully convinced of what he did…


Directed by Alyssa Rallo Bennett – New York

Zach Galligan

Today’s young students are savvy, smart & twisted and Mr. Knox, their lost advisor, has his hands beyond full.


4:00 pm Paramount Theater B, Middletown, NY – $11

LONELY BOYS - Feature Film

Directed by Dan Simon – New York

Broke and brokenhearted, best friends Jules and Saul stagger through a weekend desperately trying to hold onto their sanity–and each other.


Directed by Chris Capaci – New Jersey

The movie follows Casey through a few weeks of his life as he hits on everything that moves while having fun with his two best friends. Casey begins a new relationship with Muffy, a marathon running philanthropist who is taken in by his undeniable blue collar charm. After Casey falsely claims to be a runner, Muffy signs them both up for a charity 5K. Casey then decides to do the impossible: train and complete the race all the while battling decades of inactivity as well as his own ego.


6:00 pm Paramount Theater A, Middletown, NY – $11


Written & Produced by Kenneth Del Vecchio; Written & Directed by Dylan Bank – New York

Yancy Butler, Justin Deas, Collen Zenk, Suzi Lorraine, Kenneth Del Vecchio

A filmmaker’s dream, Blue Lives Matter will be one of the only movies ever to be filmed entirely in one shot …A police officer, a prosecutor, a judge, and a forensic scientist conspire to manufacture evidence against murderers who they are convinced are guilty, but they lack the full proofs. When a criminal defense attorney threatens to expose their illicit activities, one of the group murders him. The police officer, who was opposed to the killing, is framed for the lawyer’s murder and sentenced to life in prison. With this backstory in place, five years later he escapes prison and kidnaps the entire jury who convicted him, as well as his former judge, prosecutor and scientist allies. He assembles them all at a Jewish temple – the scene of the lawyer’s murder – and proceeds to prove his innocence to them, while at the same time exacting just a bit more vigilante justice.


Directed by Robert Stone – Connecticut

After realizing that they are targeting the same woman, two serial killers bond over their mutual respect for each other’s “work”.

BEAST - Trailer

Directed by Robert Samuels – New York

In 1999 Marcus Walden’s multinational corporation began developing a serum that would change the face of modern warfare. A serum that would ideally create the perfect soldier: strong, fearless, and impervious to pain… A serum known only as BEAST. Only one problem: no one could survive the trials.


6:00 pm Paramount Theater B, Middletown, NY – $11

65 PERCENT - Documentary

Directed by Jon Altino, Michael Altino – New Jersey

Cameron Wohl was diagnosed with a rare and potentially life-threatening auto-immune disease at the age of 13. It wasn’t long until doctors revealed that there was no cure and he would inevitably need a life-saving liver transplant.

GIFT HORSES - Documentary

Directed by David Block – Pennsylvania

Horses don’t judge by appearance. They look past people’s disabilities and recognize the emotions inside. Horseback riding provides physical therapy. Walking with the horse and touching the horse provide emotional therapy.


Directed by Riz Nasim – New York

The toxic product called GUTKA is causing an outbreak of oral cancer in South East Asia. Oral cancer has become a common disease due to the chewing of areca betel nut and GUTKA (betel quid with tobacco).


8:00 pm Paramount Theater A, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Deborah Twiss – New York

Sean Young, Deborah Twiss, James McCaffrey, Robert Clohessy

Sylvie (Sean Young) runs a crime ring on Long Island and violently manipulates her minions (Deborah Twiss and Steve Stanulis) to exact a deep revenge on the notoriously unethical film producer David (James McCaffrey).

THE MOTHER – Short Film

Directed by Paolo Monico – New York

Michele Hicks, Boris McGiver

When a hardened widow receives an unexpected visit, she is given the chance to shed light on her husband’s death.


8:00 pm Paramount Theater B, Middletown, NY – $11

THE CLOSER - Feature Film

Directed by Eli Hershko – New York

A tale of friendship and betrayal between 3 friends set against the backdrop of Brooklyn real estate market during the biggest boom and bust of the subprime meltdown – inspired by true events.

DRUG MULE – Short Film

Directed by David Spaltro – New York

Mexican drug enforcement agents suspect an American mother, traveling with her 10-year old son, of smuggling. The agents sequester the two in a secret location where they begin to interrogate the woman, using intimidation and threats. But when she finally cracks, the details she provides about the drugs she’s carrying prove to be “too much information” for the agents to handle.

ADVICE – Short Film

Directed by David Ramirez – New York

The last conversation is always the hardest. A NYC guy explains to his now ex-girlfriend that she needs to toughen up and take action if she’s going to make a life for herself. But then an unwelcome knock at the door makes him realize the full weight of his advice.

FEUER WASSER ERDE LUFT UND ZEIT (Fire Water Earth Air and Time) - Short Film

Directed by Maria Reinhardt-Szyba – Germany

In a slightly surreal scene, two figures move through time, one forward and the other backward. Nevertheless, they communicate with each other and swap things. Ash turns to paper, water flows upwards. This all happens in a manner where the viewer cannot always be sure in which direction the time is running.


10:00 pm Paramount Theater A, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Marlee Roberts – New York

Lilla Crawford, Tom Degnan, Karlee Roberts, Isabella Palmieri

Little Miss Perfect chronicles the life of Belle (14), an overambitious straight-A freshman. Her newest accomplishment? Class President. Belle seems to have it all together but as family trouble and daily social academic pressures begin to grow, she seeks a way to control an otherwise chaotic world. Triggered by a blog promoting anorexia and other eating disorders, Belle drops down to an unhealthy weight, a number that wouldn’t even make for a good grade.


Directed by Chris Modoono – New York

A student girl who is an absolute fan of karaoke tries to get everybody to sing with her. Let’s

rock at Micah’s party!

TOXIC SHOCK – Short Film

Directed by Eric LaPlante – New York

A dramedy about two best friends facing their senior year of college, will their growing

differences find them drifting apart?


Directed by Ted Sluberski – New York

Two young casting directors have to deal with the eccentricities of an arrogant director and his

naive girlfriend while they organize a casting session for a product they don’t quite understand



Directed by Rollo Hollins – United Kingdom

Two young actors, strangers, are thrown together in a casting before spending a fleeting summer rehearsing and learning to fall in love on stage. As they are gently guided by their director (Cupid), their own feelings take over.


10:00 pm Paramount Theater B, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Ryan Scott Weber – New Jersey

Andrew Divoff

Enter the creepy serial killer world of the Walter Banner and the Banner family.


Directed by Ashley Miles – New York

Quarter Life is a raw and irreverent look at the post-college struggle of two best friends in New York City. Despite their differences in race, personality, upbringing and income, Chace and James are determined to see each other succeed. Improvised and spontaneous, Quarter Life isn’t afraid to honestly tackle race, sexuality, and drunken bullshit.

All screenings are broken up into blocks. Each block contains a combination of Documentaries, Short Films, Feature Films or TV Pilots. By purchasing a ticket, you are entitled to view all the pieces in that time frame.


June 4, 2016
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