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HIFF Sunday June 5th

June 5, 2016

All screenings are broken up into blocks. Each block contains a combination of Documentaries, Short Films, Feature Films or TV Pilots. By purchasing a ticket, you are entitled to view all the pieces in that time frame.

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Day 2 of Movies of the Hoboken International Film Festival

Hoboken International Film Festival

Sunday June 5, 2016

12:00 pm Paramount Theater A, Middletown, NY – $11

FLATBUSH LUCK – Feature Film

Directed by Casper Andreas – New York

Former Wall Street hotshot Jimmy and his buttoned-up cousin Max make meager livings as telephone repairmen in their native Brooklyn neighborhood, slaving away to meet the demands of their increasingly yuppie clientele. Jimmy wants nothing more than to return to his fast-paced high life, while Max is starting to have second thoughts about his upcoming – and very expensive – wedding. When Jimmy overhears illegal insider trading during a routine house call, he convinces Max that they should tap the phone line to cash in on the scheme – hoping the money will solve their problems. But when stock tips turn to murder plots, the hapless men are unable to go to the police and soon find themselves in over their heads and flat out of luck.


Directed by Gene Gallagher – New York

A mother is determined to protect her son who has Asperger’s from being excluded.  During a day in the park, a family is out flying a drone when they come face to face with the girl who has been excluding their son.


Directed by Marc Zimmerman – Germany

An extremely detailed rendering of an alien landscape ravaged by firestorms.


12:00 pm Paramount Theater B, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Ray Williams – New Jersey

Hostile Living Vietnam: The Bourdain Experiment is the real life story of two life-hacking, aspiring filmmakers and their attempt to get Emmy winning, travel and culinary guru, Anthony Bourdain to appear on their DIY travel show, Hostile Living. Someplace between “moc” and “doc”, what transpired was travel, culture, calamity and a clever, unprecedented use of the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter.


Directed by Gina Grosso – New Jersey

In this episode we offer a glimpse into the history of a dish that is so simple yet made so many different ways. Using information from the 18th and 19th century in Naples, Italy, a small New York City pizzeria and a man (Roberto Caporuscio) who grew up with believing that traditions were a very important part of his life, we’ll chronicle the early days of the history of pizza, move to life today in a modern city, spend a day in the life of a pizzaiuolo (trained pizza chef from Naples, Italy) looking to preserve his old world traditions and speculate about an ancient cooking method passed down from generation to generation.


Directed by Maurico Ovalle

Zach Sweeney, a marginal pro baseball player, is on the streak of lifetime.  Unaccustomed to this type of success, he wrestles with parlaying his new found accolades and his humanity.

LEAVING - Short Film

Directed by Debra Markowitz – New York

Emily Hemming has a family and life she adores. After leaving her family behind, her husband, Paul, takes her back time and time again, while counselor Bertrand tries to convince her to put their feelings first, before her own.


Directed by Debra Markowitz – New York

Robert Clohessy, Deobrah Twiss

A disgruntled taxi driver refuses to give up his chosen career, even when most of the inhabitants left are zombies.


2:00 pm Paramount Theater A, Middletown, NY – $11         

BEFORE THE SNOW - Feature Film

Directed by Mark Clauburg – New Jersey

A man struggles to come to grips with his tattered past after being diagnosed with a terminal disease. His physical ailment coupled with medication causes him to dream, hallucinate, remember, and sometimes regret his life. He comes into contact with various characters from his past and present and wonders if there is any humanity left in the world or within himself.


Directed by Alex Merkin – Florida

Jordi Vilasuso, Sheena Colette, Brad Greenquist

In a world of cultural confusion and erroneous judgment, Habib bin Habib al Fulan sells his guitar and reconciles with his wife.

DARK TOWN – Short Film

Directed by Asad k.M. – United Kingdom

A thief on the run from drug dealers finds his escape in the form of a kooky taxi driver.


2:00 pm Paramount Theater B, Middletown, NY – $11

SNAPSHOT – Feature Film

Directed by Doron Eran – Israel

Snapshot tells the story of Yael, a 30-year-old street photographer who grew up in a Kibbutz. Through her camera lens, Yael explores and discovers who she really is. Engaged to Koby, she works as a desk secretary in a large newspaper and has an affair with her married boss. Just days before the wedding she decides to call it off, and is forced to examine her life-choices and relationships including the shocking and heart-wrenching discovery that the father whom she adored her entire life is actually an extremely violent and abusive husband towards her mother, jarring her and her family’s peaceful stability to a halt.

I DARE YOU – Short Film

Directed by Eli Klein – Israel

An enigmatic plague erupts and proves unstoppable as the dead suddenly resurrect and contaminate the living. The army begins executing the infected to stop the outbreak. Eventually the situation is controlled and life returns to normality, or so it seems…

APRIL FOOL’S – Short Film

Directed by Jonathan Dekel – Israel

An old tape unveils a prank gone terribly wrong. A search after the mysterious prankster is launched, during which complex questions arise- questions of the prankster’s identity, yet even harder ones regarding the identity of the one searching for him.


4:00 pm Paramount Theater A, Middletown, NY – $11

DISCO - Feature Film

Directed by Fred Carpenter – New York

Robert Funaro, Robert Clohessy

Frank, who has seen Saturday Night Fever one too many times, thinks by winning the dance contest his problems in life will be solved. But the clock is approaching 1980 and, like Frank’s life, Disco is fading away.

HUNGRY – Short Film

Directed by Thomas Simon – New York

Eric Roberts

When an idealistic teacher, with a fear of speaking up in public (other than in front of the children), finds out that kids in her school are going hungry – thanks to federal cutbacks in the school lunch programs – it compels her to do things she wouldn’t have thought she could do, including confronting a Congressman.


4:00 pm Paramount Theater B, Middletown, NY – $11

TWISTED - Feature Film

Directed by Mark Stolzenberg – New York

“Alfred Hitchcock” meets “The Twilight Zone”  meets “Saturday Night Live”  in the feature film Twisted:  an intriguing, mysterious, funny,  film consisting  of strange, wacky, comical  tales and stories,  all with O. Henry twists and surprise endings.

RETURN – Short Film

Directed by Joshua Paige – New York

Return is a surreal thriller following Johnathan, who tries to make sense of the eerie, lifeless world around him after he finds his daughter and wife missing.


Directed by Fabio Montanari – Brazil

When two Sao Paulo bakers are unfairly fired from the bakery they have worked at for over 20 years, they decide to get revenge during Brazil’s first match during the 2014 World Cup. While the entire country is out celebrating, the duo breaks into the shop to get what they deserve. But when local customers who are hungry for victory stand in their way, how will they attain their goal?


6:00 pm Paramount Theater A, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Anna Loyd Bradshaw – New York

After being dumped by her boyfriend of six weeks, Marilyn Spalding goes to the Happy Yummy Chicken restaurant for a plate of fried chicken, but never leaves. She soon attracts the attention of the local news, which in turn attracts the attention of Brody McMillin and Matthew Mansfield, two men about to embark on a creative retreat to develop a new musical.


Directed by Charlie Anderson – New York

What would you for your heart’s deepest desire? How far would you go for your one true love? Based on the album Two-Faced Charade by Famous Last Words, and adapted from the short story written by Nina Tollas, A Two-Faced Charade (The Story Revealed) takes you into the mind of a truly desperate psychopath. It shows you just how far the human psyche will go to fulfill the dark, twisted needs of a madman in love.


Directed by Frank Dale Arroyo – New York

Christian Campbell, Mercedes Ruehl, America Olivo

A charming, arrogant businessman, Grayson, dines with his ex-wife, Lucy, celebrating the sale of their company. Lucy’s mother, Grayson’s nemesis, surprises them at dinner ready for a fight. Lorraine takes the first moment she has alone with Grayson to accuse him of cheating her daughter out of money in the sale. An accusation that Grayson doesn’t refute, but he has some accusations of his own.


6:00 pm Paramount Theater B, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Phil Furey – United Kingdom

The 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, killed 270 innocent people and ushered the frightful new age of terrorism. Bound together in tragedy, the victims’ relatives fought tooth and nail for justice, only to watch it unravel for Libyan oil.


Produced by Kenneth Del Vecchio & Directed by Joe Gawalis – New York

A documentary chronicling the real-life views of people after they watched the star-filled, highly controversial movie, Cries of the Unborn…Is it legal to “kidnap” a person for seven months to stop her from an abortion?

ELEVEN – Short Film

Directed by Ken Fox – California

An astronaut who will become the first man to set foot on Mars has to explain to his 5 year old daughter why he will be gone so long and why she cannot come with him.


8:00 pm Paramount Theater A, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Gabriel Long – New York

Brian Smith

At 28, Sam Alden’s professional hockey career comes to a sudden end. He returns to his hometown and reconnects with a group of buddies who never left rural Rhode Island. Picking up where he left off after high school, he tries to leave his failed career behind and return to an easier, more exciting time in his life. But recapturing youth turns out to be more complicated than he imagined, and he finds that the harder he pursues adventure and escape, the more they elude him. His journey touches on questions of masculinity, confidence, and identity as they play out through friendship, romance, and the desire to be someone else.

2BR02B – Short Film

Directed by Tommy Tranfaglia – New York

In the future, population control has solved all of humanity’s problems. The catch? Someone has to die in order for another person to be born. Based on the short story of the same name by legendary author Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

THE KILL CLUB – Short Film

Directed by Maurice Paramore – New Jersey

You either die or live long enough to become a killer.


8:00 pm Paramount Theater B, Middletown, NY – $11

NO HUMAN INVOLVED - Documentary Film

Directed by PJ Starr – New Jersey

In 2009 after she was sentenced to more than two years imprisonment for prostitution, Marcia Powell was locked in a metal cage in the desert sun at an Arizona prison. Four hours later she collapsed in the 107 degree heat, and by day’s end she was dead. Even though an internal investigation by the Department of Corrections revealed that guards had denied her water and ridiculed her when she pleaded for help, no one was ever charged. This film investigates the circumstances of Marcia’s death, exposing the system that has led to the death of scores of other sex workers and LGBT people in facilities across Arizona, and documents a movement that has formed seeking justice in her name. Marcia’s story motivates audiences to question the system that justified her incarceration, as viewers empathize with her humanity realizing that what happened to her, can and will happen to so many more people.


Directed by Patrick Hackeling – Pennsylvania

Lillo Brancato, William Demer

Waiting on confirmation that the delivery of a death row inmate’s last meal went smoothly, pizza shop managers and its owner debate whether or not to publicize the event as customers come and go, more often than not being fed expletives over pizza.


Directed by Joseph Lawrence – Ethiopia

For centuries, Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley has been a crossroads for many distinct tribes. During times of drought, natural resources become scarce, escalating clashes between groups. In an ever-changing landscape, young men and women come of age in an unfamiliar time.


10:00 pm Paramount Theater A, Middletown, NY – $11

A PLACE IN HELL – Feature Film

Directed by David Boorboor – New Jersey

Norlee Victoria, Lewis Smith

Inspired by a real serial killer: a disgraced detective on the trail of a serial killer and a group of student filmmakers cross paths at a Halloween fright farm in the dead of winter.


Directed by Zack Van Eyck – California

After struggling through the indoor half of the season, defending Phallic Trophy winner Jerkin’ Jon Frazier takes on a revenge-minded Madison Squires in Madison Squires’ garden, a rematch of last year’s Super Bang. The fireworks begin before the match when Madison breaks off her secret relationship with Jon, rendering him an emotional wreck.


10:00 pm Paramount Theater B, Middletown, NY – $11

THE STALL - Feature Film

Directed by Jennifer M. Kay – Pennsylvania

Jezebel has been living a normal life with Rachel; her best friend, roommate and cousin. A horrible tragedy strikes and changes her life forever.

SCHWESTERN (Sisters) – Short Film

Directed by Oliver Haug – Germany

Maria’s thoughts are obsessed with revenge. Her caring sister, Karin, is the only person she can turn to in her despair. Together the two women forge out a daring plan in hopes of finally finding their peace.

DIE BOX (The Box) – Short Film

Directed by Sascha Zimmerman – Germany

Hannah, a young woman, wakes up locked in a dark wooden box. She has no clue how she got there. She pleads for her freedom. All she wants is out of the box until she watches through a small crack while a gruesome surgery takes place just feet away. When she notices a number in her box and it suggests she is “next”, she panics. She begs and pleads to no avail. For what happens outside of the box determines her fate.

IHEART – Short Film

Directed by Felix Solis – New York

A hopelessly romantic introvert is coerced by her friends into trying a dating app. What ensues are the mishaps of searching for true love on the interweb. Can a hopeless romantic thrive in the age of online dating?


All screenings are broken up into blocks. Each block contains a combination of Documentaries, Short Films, Feature Films or TV Pilots. By purchasing a ticket, you are entitled to view all the pieces in that time frame.

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June 5, 2016
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