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Hoboken International Film Festival – June 4th

June 4, 2014


12:00 pm A Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Ben Woolen – New Zealand

When suspicious crates are discovered in and around the small town of Caldwell, New Zealand, local police officer Darryl Kitchen must use all of his crime-fighting experience to solve the case and keep his community safe.

TUESDAY - Short Film

Directed by Oscar Lalo – Switzerland

Tuesday is a poignant, thought-provoking story of how life can take unexpected turns. Your neighbor, your grocer, maybe even your good friend could be in the midst of an unforeseen crisis. This is the story of a man struggling to keep all the pieces of his life together. Can he do it or will he lose heart?


Directed by Joanna Belbey – India

India: A Tourist’s View shows a journey of a couple who travels to India for the first time and is stunned by an assault on the senses. Chaotic, overwhelming, frightening, infuriating. Irresistible.

A MAN ON THE EDGE – Short Film

Directed by Edward Lyons – Australia

When a troubled man on a cliff top contemplates suicide, he is interrupted by an unexpected stranger.

WARHOL - Short Film

Directed by Adam Ethan Crow – England

Shock-jock Dangerous Dave Dawson’s fall from grace has been charted by the press to the detriment of his personal life and his career. Consequently he now finds himself struggling to hold onto his slot at NYC’s 28th rated radio station.


Directed by Joey Dietrich – Canada
Director/writer Joey Dietrich’s debut film, The Shepherd, will take you along for a ride. Isaac Banks, a Bible salesman in the south circa 1972, tries to make up for lost time. Although his sales are low, Issac’s true mission is to clean up the world and spread the word of God. After all, these are godless times.


Directed by Andrei Enoiu – Romania

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a happy family. When Anita’s father grows sick and her mother takes him to find a cure, Anita is left alone. With the help of an owl, she sets out on a journey to find them, knowing that she must get to an enchanted fountain in order to reach them… but there are many perils along the way.


2:00 pm A Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Peter Bongiorno – New York

Glen Allen and Peter Bongiorno bring you a new movie based on a true story of one brave young man that survived years of abuse from the same people that were supposed to nurture and protect him.


Directed by Beth Rosen – New Jersey

A compilation of a fantasy web series featuring knights, castles and fantasy.

THE LAYER – Short Film

Directed by Luke Covert – Pennsylvania

The Layer is a conspiracy thriller blended seamlessly with the nostalgic the action adventure genre we loved as kids. It follows the intriguing escapades of Seth, a delinquent teenager who is always a bit too nosy for his own, and his friends, good


2:00 pm B Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY – $11

HEYSOOS  - Feature Film

Directed by Rob Santana – New Jersey

A drug-dealer, on the run from the law and his partners-in-crime after a deal that goes wrong, ends up injured and crashes his car into a wooded area. It is there that he is nursed back to health by two religious, fanatical women who mistake him for Jesus Christ. He uses this as a means of survival.


Directed by Mark Roeder – Colorado

A battle over a baby on a bridge over a highway and in the midst of roaring traffic.


4:00 pm A Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY – $11

UNPLUGGED – Documentary

Directed by Mladen Kovacevic – Finland

Vera, a private detective retired to the village where she grew up, and Pera, the know-it-all peasant of many esoteric skills, are the last remaining leaf-players – both in the autumns of their lives, still strongly blowing into leaves. Josip is an amateur inventor set out to decode the obscure artistry of leaf-playing. Unplugged is an existential allegory about music played on tree leaves.

HALF SOUR – Documentary

Directed by Mary Anne Rothberg & Sean McGing – New York

A group of young skateboarders find direction in their lives when they move to New York and start a pickle business.

HOME WITH ROBIN - Documentary

Directed by Ali Muhammad – New York

Home with Robin is a short documentary journey of Robin Wilson, a woman who is the CEO of a company, who has multiple transitions in 18 months, and is learning how to be a wife, suburban dweller, mom – with a baby that is born just a few days before Hurricane Sandy – and maintain work-life balance while focused on launching her products at Bed Bath & Beyond.


4:00 pm B Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY – $11

THE BASEMENT – Feature Film

Directed by Martin-Andre Young – Canada

Michael Luckett

Five teenagers barricade themselves in the basement of their remote rural house after one of them is viciously attacked by a mysterious intruder. With their parents away for the weekend and no one around to hear their screams, they must quickly band together to find a way out of this nightmare.


Directed by Christopher Aran – New York

Prentiss, a failed dark matter researcher wakes inexplicably soaking wet and injured in the driver’s seat of his car. Standing in the middle of an open field, he must trace back his memories in search of answers.


6:00 pm A Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY – $11

WHAT FUTURE – Short Film

Directed by Harry Kakatsakis – California

What Future is about a mother, Anne, who severely neglects herself, her family and her environment when it comes to good health habits, recycling and the conservation of Earth’s resources. One day, Jill, a time-traveling scientist, arrives to convince Anne to change her ways. As the two women travel into the future together, Anne witnesses unspeakable devastation to human life and the planet. Will she take responsibility for her behavior in the present before it’s too late?

JOAN’S DAY OUT - Short Film

Directed by Ellen Houlihan – New York

Sally Kellerman, Tara Lynee Barr, Betsy Franco, Halston Sage, Liz Carey

A grandmother escapes her retirement home to bail her teenage granddaughter out of jail. Starring Oscar-nominee Sally Kellerman (M*A*S*H), Tara Lynne Barr (God Bless America) and Betsy Franco (Funny or Die).


Directed by Spencer Muhlstock and Michael Hayes Walsh – New Jersey

Christian Borle

A murder mystery in the 1960s, told through the perspective of a young photographer.

BUTTERFLY – Short Film

Directed by Mark Svenningsen – California

This film pushes traditional boundaries of narrative film making. One actor, no dialogue. Besides the voice-over in the beginning and the flashbacks of the protagonist’s lover, we focus on one man and his struggle after he made the biggest mistake of his life.


6:00 pm B Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY – $11

SCRAPE – Feature Film

Directed by Derek Wayne Johnson – Louisiana

Women are missing. Something is killing. Barry Sagan and the Hedgeworth family must survive.


Directed by Johnny Kenton – England

Anthony Head, Lydia Wilson, Rob Ostlere

Hereafter is a supernatural thriller that follows ‘Katcher’ through a world where the internet in people’s heads is being possessed by a figure called ‘The Ghost’. We follow her as she trains to join the genetically modified secret police force, called ‘The Guardians’ and pass their brutal initiations. The stakes become raised for ‘Katcher’ as the ‘The Ghost’ gets closer and she becomes more entangled in the deadly games of the state.


8:00 pm A Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY – $11

SCAVENGER KILLERS - Feature Film – Special Screening (non-competition)

Created & Produced by Kenneth Del Vecchio; Directed by Dylan Bank – New Jersey

Eric Roberts, Robert Loggia, Charles Durning, Robert Bogue, Rachael Robbins, Suzi Lorraine, Kim Allen, Angela Little, Dustin Diamond

Bonnie and Clyde are reinvented in Scavenger Killers, where a charming judge and a hot criminal defense attorney go on a maniacal killing rampage.


Directed by Michael Merino – New York

Chanel Ryan, Joe Estevez, Suzi Lorraine

Sen. Drake is on a quest to initiate a Vampire rapture upon the world, while the members of Cronos – labeled as international terrorist – will risk all to save the world from the darkness of Drake and his minions, known at the Drakul.

THE FACTORY – Feature Film

Directed by Charles Marinaro – Middletown, NY

A troubled man turns to The Factory, a medical facility that treats people using hypnosis, for a second chance at life.


8:00 pm B Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY – $11

PARK 51 - Short Film

Directed by Christopher Capelluto – New York

A struggling Iraq War veteran saves the life of a Muslim man from a hate crime in New York City. The film takes place against the backdrop of the 2010 protests against the controversial ‘Park 51′ Ground Zero mosque.

THE BLUE MAN - Feature Film

Directed by Utku Celik – Turkey

During the early days of the Iraq War, a kidnapped archaeologist must discover who his captor is and why he’s being held before the situation ends in bloodshed


10:00 pm B Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY – $11


Directed by Jason Michael Brescia – California

Annet Mahendru, Mary Kate Wiles, Ryan Hunter, John Nolan

Long Islanders Sal, Terry, Nate, Eric and Lina are childhood friends who grew up in post-9/11 New York, graduated high school at the peak of the War on Terror, and began adulthood amidst a global financial crisis. Now at the crossroads of their mid-twenties they find themselves unhappy with their places in life.


June 4, 2014
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