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1964 – The Tribute

The Paramount Theatre is pleased to Present

The Tribute

Taking place Friday, February 24th, 2023 at 8 PM
Doors open at 7 PM

Ticket Prices:
Row B-K: $47
Row L-U: $37
Row AA & BB: $37
Row V-X : $32
Row CC – GG: $32

This includes a $2 service fee applied Online, Over the phone, or in Person
Please be advised, there is no elevator to the Balcony


Since the early eighties, “1964”…The Tribute has been thrilling audiences around the globe by taking them on journey through a quintessential moment in music history that will live forever.
Over twenty years of researching and performing have made “1964” masters of their craft. They are hailed by critics and fans alike as THE most authentic and endearing Beatles tribute….which has earned them the distinction from Rolling Stone magazine as the “Best Beatles Tribute on Earth”.

“1964” recreates an early ‘60s live Beatle concert with period instruments, clothing, hairstyles, and onstage banter with an accuracy that is unmatched.

“1964” is:
Mark Benson as John Lennon
Mac Ruffing as Paul McCartney
Tom Work as George Harrison
Bobby Potter as Ringo Starr

Mark Benson (John Lennon):
Mark Benson was introduced to music playing drums and piano at age eight.
At age 17 he started playing guitar and became fascinated by the different sounds that different guitars made and started servicing, repairing and building guitars which he learned how to do at Lay’s guitar Repair in Akron, Ohio.
He made guitars for Eddie Van Halen and Jackson Browne and sold vintage guitars to The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bad Company, Hall and Oates, Ted Nugent, ZZ Top, The Eagles, Alvin Lee, Joe Walsh, The Allman Brothers, The Cars, David Lindley, Cheap Trick, and the Doobie Brothers.
Mark played guitar in the local Ohio bands Ashes, Raintree, Coconut, Mr. French and Bock (with 1964 co-founder, Gary Grimes).
In 1984 Mark and Gary, started “1964 The Tribute”. “We had no idea when we first started this band, that it would lead to us performing at so many of the venues The Beatles played, like Carnegie Hall, Red Rocks Amphitheater, The Deauville Hotel, Shea Stadium, and The Cavern in Liverpool, England.”
He currently produces all aspects of the show and produced the “1964” CDs, “All You Need Is Live”,“Nine Hours In November”, “Bootleg Vol. 1” and “30/50 Celebration”.
Mark says, “’1964′ shows the audience what it was like to attend a Beatles concert in the early sixties and generates the same feeling of happiness that is still generated by the music of The Beatles. We get so much of this positive energy back from our audiences, it reassures us that for now, we are where we are supposed to be”.

Mac Ruffing (Paul McCartney):
Mac Ruffing was born and raised near Cleveland, Ohio and as a young child started listening to his older sisters’ Beatle records. The first album he ever bought was “The Beatles 1962-66,” which is exactly what 1964 The Tribute does, and is still his favorite music.
Mac started playing the drums at 15, and at 17 he bought a Kingston violin bass (a Hofner knockoff) at a local music store and unknowingly started his roll as “Paul.”
He played in several Southern California original, Top 40 and Beatle cover groups, including ‘Help!,’ ‘Imagine,’ ‘The Yanks’ and ‘ATP’, all while working full time as a land surveyor.
Mac, not a natural ‘south paw’, spent the better part of a year training himself to play the bass guitar left handed, like Paul McCartney. In 1993 he joined the Beatles tribute ‘Beatlemania Live!,’ touring the world which led to his “passing the audition” in 2009 and joining the touring cast of the Beatles show ‘RAIN’ on Broadway and in theaters and Performing Arts centers all over the world.
In 1982 he met 1964 The Tribute co-founders, Mark and Gary, and over the years subbed on occasion with the band. He joined the band full time in 2013, and has since been performing some of the world’s best music with the world’s best Beatles tribute band.
Mac is naturally a right-handed player, but taught himself to play the bass left-handed. He also plays the piano and guitar. Mac has immersed himself in the role of Paul McCartney and looks forward to recreating the magic of the Beatles at every 1964 The Tribute show.

Tom Work (George Harrison):
Tom Work (George) is a co-founder of “1964” The Tribute, and is the act’s first George.
Tom began playing guitar at the age of 7, and following high school he studied music at the University of Akron. Since the late 1960s Tom has played and sung in a variety of ensembles. During high school and college he played flute, sousaphone and bassoon in the marching and symphony bands; professionally, Tom has worked in well over a dozen “cover bands,” most notably Dogs ‘n Kids, The Lou Ciriano Combo, My Old School and The Jerry Bruno Orchestra. Tom even sang Lead for 8 years in a barbershop quartet (believe it or not, it’s true!).
Tom also worked in over 20 musical theatre productions, both onstage in leading roles, and behind the scenes as Producer and Music Director. “Performing onstage in a band is really where I belong,” Tom says, “although conducting the pit orchestra, for me, is every bit as exciting—and even more challenging!
It’s a very rewarding experience to help extract top-notch performances from people, to guide performers to their pinnacle. There’s nothing quite like sitting in the orchestra pit on opening night and hearing an actor deliver his or her best-ever performance!”
In 2006 Tom returned to “1964” The Tribute, ending a 12-year sabbatical. “During my time away from 1964 I worked with a few of the other Beatles shows,” he notes. “I learned a great deal and forged close friendships with some great people, but there’s nowhere I’d rather be, no group of performers I’d rather work with than “1964”. It’s
great to be back!”

Bobby Potter (Ringo Starr):
Bobby was born in Indiana. He started taking snare drum lessons in the 5th grade and got his first set of drums in the 7th. Later, when The Beatles arrived on the music scene, he made it a personal goal to be like Ringo. He played in 3 bands through high school – a Tijuana Brass band, high school pep band and a top 40 band. He helped form a popular local band that performed in his home town and surrounding area teen clubs. He later moved to Champaign, Illinois and joined a band that performed in and around the tri-state area wanting to spread his wings he then set his sights on the west coast and moved to Los Angeles where he helped form The Finders, then Shake, Rattle N’ Roll and played the nightclubs there for 10 years. He then moved to Las Vegas and played the Nevada casino circuit. Capitalizing on his experience he backed such greats as Chris Montez, Billy Swan, Jewel Akens, Al Wilson, J.J. Jackson, The Coasters, The Drifters, The Dell Vikings, 7 show/lounge acts and too many Elvis impersonators to mention.
Still wanting to achieve his personal “Ringo” goal he joined two Beatle tributes, spending 8 years in this endeavor. His personality shines onstage as he authentically reproduces every beat and moves his head to the music portraying Ringo with precision and style.
This accomplished artist transports the audience to the carefree magical era with his voice when he performs “Boys” and “Act Naturally”. Bobby is thrilled to be a member of “1964”…The Tribute! He states in his own words, “In the tribute world, you can’t get any closer or higher up than this for authenticity, style and sound in the same way The Beatles performed live”.