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Catskill International Film Festival Opening Night

The Paramount Theatre is pleased to Present

The Opening Night 
of The Catskill International Film Festival

Taking place Friday, October 20th, 2023

Doors Open at 6 PM

Films Run from 7 PM to 10 PM

Ticket Prices
General Admission: $20
This includes a $2 service fee applied Online, Over the phone, or in Person

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Guests will have the opportunity to network and mingle on the red carpet while listening to live music, take pictures underneath the marquee as well as in front of the step and repeat, and pick up some needed official selection memorabilia. Experience the magic of storytelling in its purest form at the Catskill International Film Festival! Get ready for an unforgettable evening filled with captivating narratives and visionary filmmaking that will leave you inspired. Enjoy exclusive screenings of outstanding short films, handpicked for their artistic merit and storytelling excellence as well as the world premiere of a local feature-length project, Mantra which was written & directed by CIFF Chairman Charles Marinaro.

Dive deeper into filmmaking through engaging panel discussions and Q&A sessions with renowned filmmakers and industry experts after the showcase of films.

All other films on are program that are not listed below will be screened online or at the Rivoli Theater in South Fallsburg: Viewers can reference the website page: https://www.catskillinternationalfilmfestival.com/screenings

Friday, October 20th: Films at The Paramount

Opening Night at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown, NY and Online

Secrets of Memory

Director: André Rodrigues

Synopsis: Daniel is a guy who is bored with his routine life. Anne is a woman tired of her marriage and looking for some “adventure”. Dr. Anthony is a scientist that only cares about his work. Soon they will meet, making decisions to bigger problems they may want to forget.


Director: Mike Timoney

Synopsis: Love Conquers All. Maybe.

Pearly Gates

Director: Loring Murtha

Synopsis: Patricia bites off more than she and Todd can chew when she agrees to let Rebecca’s aunt say with them for what turns into an open-ended visit.

Keep it Moving (Cancel “Cancel Culture”)

Directors: Dana Bryan, Antonio Lovari

Synopsis: Music video by the award-winning Antonio Lovari.

Good Session

Director: Larry Rosen

Synopsis: Jeff has his first therapy session. Unfortunately, the doctor may have more issues than he does.

Through the Brush

Director: Joseph Anthony Davis

Synopsis:A nosy neighbor takes an interest in the hermit who lives nearby but learns a bit more than he expects. These two men live opposite lives on two sides of a creek. Mr. Lost is miserable in his house, constantly observing Mr. Found who is living off the land. Norm Magnusson plays both roles, and takes on a spiritual journey through the brush, to the other side. A choice between fear and love in all four seasons.


Director: Jamal Hodge

Synopsis: Beneath a lonely tree, one man dreams a remembrance of life in the painful aftermath of his abandonment.


Director: Ahmd Emad

Synopsis: Eve decides to eat the forbidden fruit after Satan convinced her that she will become beautiful like Lilith when she bites it.

The Best Gift in Life is Life Itself

Director: Mauricio Ovalle

Synopsis: A man burdened with trauma from his youth is forced to confront his overwhelming depression with help from a mysterious visitor.

Days Away

Director: Lawrence Staebler

Synopsis: After a fatal tragedy, a community gathers for a memorial service. Meanwhile, a man navigates miles of surreal landscapes, uncertain of what awaits him.


Director: Charles Marinaro

Synopsis: A secret rescue mission to a newly discovered planet give the ultimate answers to the universe.